Satyapon Gift and Souvenir Shop

We have a gift and souvenir shop where you can buy amazing and authentic south Asian crafts and souvenirs on your way back home. The shop has 5 sections


Butthan T –shirt, Handmade Vajrapran Meditation mats, Vajrapran T-shirts Butthan Mugs, Coat Pins, and Photos etc., Wood made Indian club/Goda on your way back home


Books written and autographed by Dr. Mak Yuree Vajramunee and much other rare collection of books on martial Arts


South Asian and Bangladeshi handmade gift items such bamboo and wood made crafts, jewelleries, home decoration pieces, Nakshi stitch Sarees, handmade beauty products (oil, soap, shampoo etc.)

Shuddhoguun Medicine store

Different kind of Indian siddha and Ayurveda medicine

Shuddhoguun Spices and food store 

Bangladeshi and south Asian premium quality spices, premium quality rice, Satyapon Black and green tea, Shuddhoguun pure mustard oil, Shuddhoguun ghee, sweets, Yogurt etc.

Online store: Our online shop delivers any other the listed items you are looking for! For details log in