SATYAPON is the inspirational global center for cultivation, research and development of Butthan &Vajrapran. Its called the Vow of Truth, an Education monastery. Aiming to enlighten people and cultivate the field of superior consciousness, achieving ultimate excellence and beyond.

The word “Satya” is a Sanskrit word also used in Bengali means Truth and the Word “Pon” means promise or vow. In other words it’s the home of commitment towards truth or the Vow of Truth. It speaks of determination to stand against the untruth and stand stern for the truth. International Butthan Federation,world Vajrapran association and the Butthan College of Physical Education & Sports Science both follows the assigned programs as directed by Satyapon in the light of ancient heritage. Seekers from the entire World immaterial of their creed, religion or race are accepted here in the path of ultimate self-discovery.  Satyapon Shikshasram is the highest education & Training ground for Butthanchariyas and Vajrapran practitionersalong with the seekers from all the four corners of the world. It officially sets the standards & teachings of Butthan and Vajrapran World-wide.

The institute aims to bring out the best from one leading towards achieving Self-mastery and beyond. Satyapon Shikshasram is meant to be a blessing for the whole mankind extending support to people to unlock their potentials with peace, sound health, long life and happiness along with the unique teachings of Janaism, help them attain transformation and establish a psycho-physically balanced society worldwide.

Satyapon at a glance:

Satyapon Shikshasram –Beyond Life foundation is a global iconic centre of personal development and science of mind training based on South Asian heritage under the leadership of Achariya Yuree Vajramunee, The superhuman, as SEEN on DISCOVERY CHANNEL

This educational monastery is located at the valleys of Himalaya overlooking the peaks of Kanchenjunga.

Satyapon beyond life foundation has 6 major endeavours:

  1. Butthan Martial Arts and Science of Mind Training Centre
  2. Vajrapran Meditation Resort
  3. Butthan College of Physical education and sports science
  4. Butthan Bidyapith -The Free school initiative for under privileged children
  5. Bodhidhrma International Martial Art Museum
  6. Shuddhoguun Souvenir shop and store