“The true essence of life blossoms through embracing the philosophy of JANAAISM . It is about Knowing and challenging own limits, pursuing the higher cause of life with true intention towards Excellence, Self-mastery, Happiness and beyond .”

…… Siddhacharya Yuree Vajramunee

What is Janaaism ?

 JANAAISM is knowing about self, its about winning over yourself, going beyond personal limit or surpass the set limit reaching greater causes of life depicting a significant journey. JANAAISM doctrine founded by Acharya Yuree Vajramunee based on his unique and indeed iconic inspirational concept and motivational philosophy of first finding own self through SA-NIMITTA (Roughly Self-Reason in English) which means figuring out about the actual purpose of your own self in this World and followed by ATTO-UTTIRNNOTA. The Sanskrit word Atto means Self and Uttirno means Go beyond or attaining significance not success. The theory speaks of availing the opportunity laid open to further improve ourselves by embracing the Tao of excellence once we come to know ourselves. It takes place through challenging one’s personal limits with certain vision followed by Transformation, attaining Self-mastery and then going beyond pursuing the higher causes of life which carries the core belief of Excellence, Compassion, Fulfillment, Self-mastery and beyond with in the limited time we have.
Janaa is a Bengali word means Knowing and VINCO is a Latin word for the English Win, Master, conquer, Exceed, surpass, succeed etc.

 JANAAISM in other term Vincoism advocates of challenging personal level of capacity aimed to achieve the transformational self-winning state rather Self-actualization. It is about out fighting own walls of limitations and weaknesses, it is about competing against yourself. Most of the time we lose the driving seat of our life as we are unsuccessful in reaching the state of Self-mastery. In brief Self-mastery is about the ability to control one’s own desires or impulses, negative emotions, self-doubts and thereby gain the balance of life. Through this we also attain happy and peaceful state to take up any challenge with complete commitment and we get the freedom from the slavery of limitations. When you come across failure in life as a part of journey it is very important to stand again to face life. Wisdom empowers one to be on the front line but without action to transform the dream still suffers. Once the intention is set and transformation achieved, we are ready for the self-mastery and right after this very stage according to this philosophy humans may go further aiming to reach infinite path of excellence seeking higher values and causes of life in this universe. Human life is somehow limited by time but not anything else. Humans are mortal yet can always make a difference in personal and Global perspective leaving a significant trail for rest of the people. We can actually free ourselves from all the impulses and enjoy the true and peace the mother planet offers as a whole. JANAAISM is a non-religious inspirational philosophy encouraging the indomitable spirit to win over personal weakness and limitations, advancing towards a fulfilling life.

The light of wisdom always induces the seeking of justification of our existence in the process of life. Its natural to look for noble causes once human attain knowledge, wealth or higher profile. Besides whether we fall in life or not there is always room for all to become better than the present and thereby through only challenging the current state reaching for the best version of ourselves may be achieved and the Self discovery realized.


The JANAAISM logo speaks of itself. Once the definite wisdom touches, you become aware then you raise and with self-knowledge start taking action with a vision to take control over your thoughts, emotions, words, believes, actions reaching towards the fullest potential achieving Self-Mastery. After this stage one may have most practical understanding about self and by entering the path of higher challenges or taking beyond the set limits, one’s soul shall bloom to the fullest. Besides the half arrow line backwards tells that we have limited time span as a living creature and we must practice to consider rethinking about our foot prints left behind or looking back at every stage of life.

Life is like a beautiful and divine flower but it takes rigorous commitment of inner soul to turn it in to a real beauty with its ultimate essence. The true character of the flower disseminates serine peaceful beauty and its soothing cent to all without expecting anything in return. The philosophy is about reaching towards Infinite possibilities and potentials, it indicates a journey of self-discovery and through Self-Actualization switching to continued heightening flow of excellence in life. Once you excel, it’s the obvious as next step is to help and inspire others to reach heights in real. JANAAISM is about reaching beyond self-mastery and advocates to raise above self, enriching the higher values and goals empowering the human species and the planet as well. It speaks of a journey of self-discovery through managing own body, Mind, emotion and energy at will, crossing the set limits embracing the true essence of Happiness towards infinite excellence riding on the power wheels of Self-mastery while remembering the limitations of the journey.

 JANAAISM may guide one to liberate from the prejudice, act as the new spark of spirit for those who lost hope , failing to keep up the enthusiasm, lost clarity to go further in life. The philosophy can be used as an Inspirational tool to reset the broken heart, to strengthen the frail and raise the fallen. In all the realms of success and achievement or greatness the Self Mastery is the basic criteria to unlock the potential and followed by boost the perpetual domain of possibilities. It tells us we can always begin from nothing to a significant line of excellence. Humans can raise from the bottom to the peak just by cultivating true will. Interestingly this philosophy has got something for everyone. Same time it may broaden the perspective on life and motivate the successful souls to go beyond and serve the greater cause of humanity with a bigger line of lofty values. There by attain real freedom and happiness in our new life full of vitality.