Acharya Yuree Vajramunee may be approached for INSPIRATIONAL APPREANCE to deliver his amazing stories to help understand the inner power, identifying hidden potentials and to inspire students, corporate people, community gatherings, at any festival or some event. The sessions are preferably done in an auditorium, Stadium or big hall room with a stage. The session shall instill special feelings and trigger one to reach for new challenges and achieve more in life with a fulfilling experience of peace and happiness. Some sessions designed to inspire people to pick up more challenges in life and geared for bigger goals to succeed. Usually duration of the Motivational visits are quite short length and mostly take place on the basis of invitation to encourage and motivate members of different groups specially applicable for the Students schools , colleges and Universities, Special child schools, Prisons, clubs, forums, communities, Military bases etc. The Motivational visit may include a formal brief presentation , talk, photo session, signing autographs, hand shaking session along with a group Meditation session etc. The visit can have only an appearance event also without any of the above.