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Acharya Yuree Vajramunee is an inspirational global icon in the field of psychophysical development, an International foremost authority in the field of Mind Training, Meditation  and Art of Self-defence. Vajramunee the mystic , was also selected and featured as one of the top five SUPERHUMAN of this planet by Discovery Channel. He is an author, philosopher and the founder of Butthan combat sports & Vajrapran meditative exercise system. His systems are based on ancient Indian sub-continental heritage aimed to obtain body-Mind balance, personal development  rather human transformation through the systematic practice of breath control, meditation and exercise, etc. Vajramunee is also known for his unique VINCOISM Philosophy, the doctrine for ultimate personal development , Self-mastery & beyond towards greater cause of Life. He is a multi world record holder and his 4th World Record is for the highest neuro-engagement ability (96%) in the world as confirmed by the scientific laboratory tests conducted by the team of scientists and experts . He advocates spiritual enlightenment through cultivating physical strength and mindfulness in balance. Acharya Yuree Vajramunee with his Supernatural ability is considered to be the strongest shin kicker of the World. He is also included in the famous archive of “Believe It or Not”, USA. He created sensation as an author with his self help book “100 wisdom to change your life.” To name few of his other upcoming books are like “Door To Infinity”, “Five Spoon Sugar” and “Essence of Mastery” etc.

Vajramunee’s guidance touched the millions of life across the globe. Acharya Yuree inspires and empowers for a life without medicine, pursuing psychophysical balance, behavior reconstruction and mind reprogramming to achieve positive goals as well as to embrace healing from past physical and mental traumas. Besides his research, counseling and teaching he speaks to multi national companies, governments, public officials, non-profit leaders , educational authorities etc. He searched out mentors and teachers from Himalayan Tibet to South India, from Myanmar to Swaziland, traveling to countless destinations in over fifty countries, in order to learn from the masters of the different arts, from different saints, shamans, gurus and sufi’s, to continue to enrich his bag of knowledge. Although he has done a research and development and trained in over forty (40) different kinds of Combat Arts. His teachings puts great weight on self-development and enlightenment.

Acharya Vajramunee teaches that  body and mind are like two wings of a bird which needs continued balance and equally strengthening body and mind to achieve ultimate transformation of life. It can also help change the young generation and the social mind set . He advocates that to realize the gift of life one should enrich their physical and  mental development .Vajramunee thinks of a society rather the World with  psychophysically empowered people to build a better world blessed with happy productive life with peace and brotherhood. Acharya Yuree Vajramunee view, psychophysically empowered youth can build a non violent, healthy, positive thinking society with sustainable development. He emphasizes on leading a balanced life aligned with the mother nature and encourages to attain success in life besides attaining spiritual austerity. Yuree also believes human life is actually a priceless gift full of joy and setting the YOG Chetana (Plus thinking mindset) can open the door to everyone.

The word is a Sanskrit word means up-liftment or defense with distinction. Butthan is a system of self defense and personal development with South Asian heritage. Butthan is also a combat Sports being practiced in different parts of the world and included as a form of sports approved by National Sports Council (NSC) . Ministry of Youth and Sports, Bangladesh. This  combat sports Besides Butthan is also known as a meditation system . Acharya Yuree Vajramunee is the founder of Butthan Meditation and Butthan Martial Art system aimed for human transformation. The three pillars of Butthan are Sports, Self-defence and well-being and Butthanchariya’s (Butthan Practitioner) life forms a triangle with Sadhana (Endeavour), Praggya (Wisdom) and Saggya (Intuition) and the  International Butthan Federation (IBUF), promotes this sports worldwide. On the other hand Vajrapran which means Life force or the art of rejuvenating life. Mainly two types of Vajrapran are practiced like Sthir Vajrapran (Static Exercise) & Choloman (Dynamic Exercise). Some of the training sessions take place with the prescribed musical tunes. Vajrapran practice brings immense joy, health , immunity and the blessing of long life.

Vajramunee is said to be the modern day father of ancient Indus Psychophysical Training System with his unique nine paths of  Butthan : (1)Butthan a method of gaining balance and control over the body and mind (2) Butthan way of reaching goal through perseverance (3) Butthan a disciplined system of settling harmless Intention (4) Butthan is to attain greater perception and cognitive ability (5) Butthan is the way of rising consciousness or awakening  (6) Butthan to peruse the life with harmony and close to nature (7) Butthan to set example for others and help in need specially the frail and weak (8) Butthan system for attaining special accomplishments rather escalating self with continued inspiration to unlock potentials to pick. (9)  Butthan to attain the light of (Purno Gyana) omniscience.

Acharya Yuree Vajramunee is a ten (10th) degree Black Belt & Professor in Martial science. He is also credited for the research over the decades to revive the historical linkage of Kanchipuram India and Shaolin temple ,China – a contribution to global Martial Art development. He is the official successor of the Grand Master Khin Maung Gyi (President South East Asia Bando Association), Myanmar and blessed by late Grand Master Shi De Qian, the 31st head abbot of historical Shaolin Temple, China.

Vajramunee was born in Dhaka the capital of Bangladesh and after his birth he was named Yuree after the name of the Soviet cosmonaut, the first human who traveled to outer space, Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin. His early childhood education began in a British missionary school (Elizabeth Marble Primary School) and when he was in class five , he started a club on physical training with his class mates and junior fellows. He also wrote small handbook on physical training (handwritten manual ) and used to distribute to all. He started to learn Burmese Bando and Minzing (mind training system & energy healing from Myanmar) later he was admitted in Jhenidah cadet college (military feeder institution) and grew up in the midst of iron discipline and the regimental grooming. When he was in standard nine , he formed a society called ‘self defence society’ where he taught self defence ,yoga and meditation . During cadet days he was selected as a distinguished color party member and national flag bearer leading the march past during all ceremonial parades. His special hobby was spending time in library exploring different types of books on physiology, mind training, yoga, military drills and exercises etc.

Professionally Mak Yuree Vajramunee started his career as a master defensives tactics trainer to different government ,military, intelligence agencies. He completed his commission officers course from National Security Academy (NSA), USA and got his SIA –3 qualification (highest degree in close protection) from New Swindon College , under Home office UK. Besides his certification on explosive search recognition, fire marshal, anti terrorist course ,first aid at work, aviation security , bank security , high raised building security and others he also owns a business enterprise security management and training sector .

He was also honoured with World’s five major hall of fame awards including the “ Grand Master Pinnacle award, USA” in 2009 by the Grandmaster’s council USA. Today he is promoting Butthan to revive the lost heritage of South Asia and to empower youth groups globally.