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Butthan International College of Physical Education and Sports Science is a unique college in Bangladesh with a global influence. Besides giving the Bachelors in Physical education degree it also gives a student a rare and huge opportunity of personal development through the noble teachings of Butthan and Vajrapran.International Butthan Federation and the Butthan College of Physical Education & Sports Science both follow the assigned programs as directed by Satyapon in the light of ancient heritage. Candidates from the entire World immaterial of their religious or racial orientation and identity are accepted in the path of sports interest and enlightenment.  Satyapon beyond Life Foundation is the highest education & Training ground for Butthanchariyas and Vajrapran Sadhoks. Officially it aims to boost the excellence in Butthan Martial Art, Sports and the certification related to Vajrapran exercise and Meditation plus the standard teachings of Vajramunee World-wide.

The college campus is administered by a team of experienced and brilliant set of faculties.

Admission and Payment:

If you have a bachelor’s degree at any discipline and interest in sports or for perusing as your career, you can apply for the graduation degree at Butthan International College of Physical Education and Sports Science.

Facilities: The College has 100% accommodation facility. It has a large dining area, common room, study room, Medical Emergency room, and library. It will have clean water facilities for the students. The classrooms are equipped with modern educational facilities. The college has a multipurpose track and field, gym with high standard equipment. Classes are equipped with multimedia presentation facility.

Dormitories: All the residential rooms of the college have necessary furniture/ lights /fans for the student.  The dormitories have standard shower and toilet facilities.

Job Opportunity:

Butthan International College of physical education and sports science maintains its multi-dimension association and affiliation with different private, national and international sports bodies and organization. So, the students will have an array of opportunities to be introduced with those organizations during their stay at the college which may ultimately lead them towards different Job opportunities as well. The outstanding students with excellence in Butthan shall have the opportunity to be appointed as Butthan coaches in different foreign lands worldwide.