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Butthan Bidyapith – The Free School initiative for under privileged children

It is a concern of Satyapon Beyond life foundation. There is a free school for children at Satyapon, called as ‘Butthan Bidyapith’. Here unprivileged children at the neighbouring area whose parents cannot afford their education can study. The teaching module is also unique and based on four core lines of educations. They are

  1. General Education
  2. Fitness
  3. Health knowledge
  4. morality and etiquettes

This module of education is designed after careful research in order to create promising new generation and ideal citizens to materialize the dream of GOLDEN BANGLADESH.  Students from grade 1 to 3 are getting free education in this school. Beside regular school activities, the school organizes boot camps and basic Butthan martial art classes for city kids quarterly where they can come and learn inside nature.