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Major Combat Sports grew from the blessings of different traditional Martial Art forms. The Warriors code was the best examples of Honor, Respect and Ultimate spirit of a Warrior. Great Martial Masters were the Great Leaders, Great Warriors and Great Souls with superior excellence and true sense of moral values. Today we all mostly experience the absence of exercising the noble qualities of the Warriors in true sense. Also there is not enough presence of actual traits of sportsmanship or brotherhood in the Competitive scenarios instead can see the hatred, jealousy, envy and enmity against each other. We see aiming at the wining the medal the practitioners going to great extend crossing the even decent line of basic manners. Sometimes we see even Coaches, Team Mates, Friends, Managers shouts from the side line to encourage the competitors (some time even in indecent approach) to subdue , to ensure wining over their counter parts at any cost hardly considering the ethical issues or bypassing the human best practices. Most cases winging over the other has become most important besides the main theme of sportsmanship and few ends up engaging themselves to level of personal enmity. Plus the extreme hostile attitudes of the supporters continuing to increase. Butthan Co-Competition system is the pioneer indicating new direction in the World of Sports to introduce system to compete rewarding the sense of values , cooperation , and empathy. Encouraging True Sense of Humanity & true Warrior ship. Such Competitive sport develops multiple life skills which really helps them to grow positive as they progress through school and into adult life. The life time benefits teaching them many other things apart from mare combat techniques from teamwork, resilience and leadership skills, to the respect and humility in handling success or disappointment throughout the life towards uplifting the benevolent mind set and noble human qualities.

Eight Fold Co-Competition System:

  • Mohora (Warm Up Movement)
  • Vakti (Convey Respect)
  • Jhalak Khela (Quick Memory Test)
  • Uthrai (Downhill Position As Per QMT Result)
  • Kowshol Porokh (Sharing & Testing The Techniques /Skills)
  • Arpan (Mutual Advise For Further Improvement)
  • Ghosona (Declaration of Result)
  • Prosthan (Exit Ritual)