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‘Vajrapran – The unique Body Mind wellbeing, Meditation system,the Science of Rejuvenation and longevity’

The word VAJRA (वज्र) a Sanskrit word also used in Bengali means thunderbolt or diamond and PRAN (प्राण) means life or breath. Vajra actually indicates of an indestructible and Irresistible nature of life force. Vajrapran speaks of a human life with abundance of power and vitality similar to the thunderbolt along with an experience of serene happy feeling and the balanced energy. Vajrapran considered being a powerful healing system which also increases immunity, fitness, internal peace, focus and life-force.Vajrapran represents acquiring inner strength, alertness through a conscious patterned exercise to embrace the bliss of spiritual power and longevity.

Vajrapran Science of Mind Training

The presence of mind is cultivated all through the exercising process and the conscious application of Mind called MON-CHALA or applying mind to induce physical movement is the key principle of Vajrapran. Setting right intention plays vital role to enrich efficiency and outcome of this exercise as well. Each exercise begins through connecting active mind and deep focus maximizing the development with less effort. Static (body Poses) and Dynamic (in a fluid movement) are the major two types of Vajrapran Exercise practiced in general. Besides, ANGA-SUDDHI  (Purification of limbs) and KARATALI (Clapping) Vajrapran  also are well known, highly enjoyed and effective forms amongst the practitioners.

Vajrapran is based on ancient Indian Sub-continental wisdom and a total science oriented system which bridges the amazing powers of human body, mind, emotion and spirit.

Vajrapran can be defined as meditation in movement to unblock the energy pathways and achieve the ultimate body-mind balance rather putting life in balance.

It helps to dramatically reduce stress and gain balanced state of healthy body-mind . Anyone and with most body conditions can avail the benefits of dynamic system .Even elderly people may utilize the system comfortably for their psychophysical enhancements, wellbeing and rejuvenation.   It is said that practitioners attain a tremendous good feeling experiencing positive stimulation after each session. It does not require huge place, special uniform or any equipment and easily can be performed after very few lessons without much difficulty. Vajrapran includes contraction and relaxation of muscles in Slow and fast movement combining  Sash-Chalon ( breath control) and mindfulness.

The ten major out-come of regular Vajrapran practices are:

  1. Life Force
  2. Immunity
  3. Energy
  4. Relaxation
  5. Health
  6. Efficient Performance
  7. Peace of Mind
  8. Focus
  9. Healing
  10. Rejuvenation

 Vajrapran strengthens musculoskeletal and improves mental health and as well as reduces symptoms of asthma , nervousness, diabetes, most types of  weakness, reduce high blood pressure, improve blood circulation, symptoms of heart failure, enhance cardiac rehabilitation, and lower cardiovascular risk factors, general fever, common body pain. It improves muscle tone, blood circulation and quick decision making ability and burns fat as well.

Vajrapran is capable of fighting against and curing many a diseases without use of medicine. Vajrapran embodies the time tested teachings of ancient Yogic principles, Siddha medicine, Pranayama, min-zing, modern physiology, Bio-chemistry, anatomy etc. It combines the Butthan dynamic muscle tension, regulated breathing techniques and meditation in movement together in to a amazing form of psychophysical healing and transforming system.

Unlike in Yoga the static poses are termed as Dharan (Contain) instead of Asanas. World Vajrapran Association continuing the dedicated effort to empower people across the globe under the guidance of Acharya Yuree Vajramunee the Superhuman as seen on Discovery and Quest channel famous for his unbelievable neuro-engagement ability to activate 96% muscles at will. Vajrapran transformed countless frail bodies and minds in to Powerful and fulfilling lives across the planet earth.

Vajrapran has nine major parts, four branches and seven principles

The four branches are

  1. Vajrapran Bayam -Sthir and Choloman (VP static and dynamic exercise)
  2. Niramoy Vajrapran (Healing Vajrapran)
  3. Udhgam Vajrapran (Sprouting Vajrapran)
  4. Vajrapran Dhyana (Vajrapran Meditation)

The nine parts of Vajrapran are:

  1. Vajrapran Breathing
  2. Sthir Vajrapran
  3. Choloman Vajrapran
  4. DehoVajShodhon
  5. Mon VajShodhon
  6. OntorOvyash
  7. BohirOvyas
  8. Dhyan
  9. AnaghShadhon(Soul purification)

Seven principles:

  1. Exercise
  2. Food
  3. Rest and relaxation
  4. Breathing
  5. Attitude
  6. Interaction (Agaman –Bohirgomon)
  7. Meditation

The four branches are discussed in short below:


  • Vajrapran Bayam (Sthir and Choloman)
  1. Vajrapran Static Exercises (Sthir Vajrapran) – The Vajrapran physical postures triggered by mental suggestions and mostly ends up in static position are considered as static Vajrapran. These are called Vajrapran ‘Dharan’. Dharan means ‘To contain’.
  2. Vajrapran Dynamic Exercises (Choloman Vajrapran) – After setting intention through visualization and realms of slow and flowing movements with regulated breathing patterns and foot work are called ‘Choloman (moving/dynamic) Vajrapran’.
  • Niramoy Vajrapran (Vajrapran Healing)– It is a form of energy healing which can be used as self-healing tool and also can be applied for healing others. The method uses mindfull imaginative prows in order to relief emotional and physical negative effects or states. It is called ‘NIRAMOY VAJRAPRAN’.
  • Udhgam (Sprouting Vajrapran) – It is form of Vajrapran where you gather courage and revive energy and inspiration back when you feel down, you want to start something, you are in trouble and struggling to get out of it.
  • Vajrapran Dhyana (Vajrapran Meditation) – By Vajrapran


World Vajrapran Association: World Vajrapran Association is the central authority to provide instructor’s license, training. It conducts seminar, symposiums and promote Vajrapran and Wellbeing related issues worldwide.